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Can you help create change?

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We all have unique talents and abilities. It’s time to use them.

You know what you’re good at. Why not use your talents to work on an issue that is important to you!  

Why we should band together.

Nonprofit and volunteer work is needed now more than ever. By donating your time and/or money you can help to create positive change. If enough of us work together - and trust that others will do their part - then there is no doubt change will occur.

What cause do you want to work on?



Time is a valuable resource. It’s important not to spread yourself too thin.

Pick one or two causes that you care deeply about. Then start planning.



A well executed plan beats hasty action.

Determine how it is you can help. What gifts do you bring to a group? This is your time to get creative before you connect!



Actionable goals are key. Now it’s time to find an organization that is working on your cause.

It can be local but it doesn’t have to be. Reach out and connect.



Here comes the fun part! Go to a local meeting or connect online and ask, “How can I help?”

Let the org know your talents. Offer time or other resources.


Think globally. Act locally.

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Everyone can make a difference but no one can change the world alone. It is going to take us all coming together.

Who is doing this?

This movement is about empowering individuals to own a part of positive change. kaout was started in 2017 with a vision to create a better world. To me, the most important part of that is identifying a need and then giving and receiving help. We do this work most powerfully together because everybody has something they are great at.

Katherine from kaout

My name is Katherine. I’m a data geek who’s spent my career in marketing. My talents are all about digging into data and processes. I love to uncover digital trends, looking at what people are searching for online. Once my research work is done I hand projects over to the creative types to work on visuals and messaging. Projects then circle back my way. I train individuals and nonprofit teams really efficient marketing. Helping individuals and organizations save time and project manage with efficiency are two of my favorite professional activities.

I’m passionate about environmental issues, women’s rights, equality and reducing violence. I would love to work with you on these issues. And if you have a different cause dear to your heart, let me know!

Gator. The big, goof.

This is Gator. He’s a fun-loving, big, goofy weirdo. I shamelessly promote him because - who doesn’t love this face?! My days are spent working from home so I am fortunate enough to hang with this guy all the time. He’s always there for encouragement. Since he loves to eat salad, I am consistently motivated to make healthy, delicious meals fresh from our garden.


Are you ready to help?

Flow downstream. Let the current take you where you need to be.



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